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Byolbit Cafe

Located in the heart of Denpasar’s bustling city life, Byolbit Cafe was designed to provide a fun & welcoming space to meet, talk, work, and indulge. Comfort takes centre stage at our cafe, complemented by a unique range of food and drinks ready to satiate contemporary palates. You’re bound to call us your second home.

Care and Passion

Our Menu

Inspirations and spirits to be productive come when you have a good coffee to accompany. We are using only the best coffee bean on the island to make sure you are focused, inspired, and relax at our cafe. Coffee isn’t the only great thing at our cafe. We like to call our dishes menu ‘the simplified perfections’ because we keep it simple, but we make sure they are at their best taste. With some touch of creativity, we have explored Korean and Japanese dishes to satisfy you, who are already a fan of them, or you, who are willing to try something nice and new.

We’re Open

Daily 1 PM – 9 PM